Apartment Rental to Naba students in Milan

You have enrolled at NABA, one of the best Universities of Milan.

Naba is known to have an international community of students, coming from all over the world. It’s currently the largest, private, fine art academy in Italy. It hosts more than three thousands students.

Finding a place to rent, that is walking distance from the University campus, now located in Via Darwin 20, in the Southern part of Milan, is definitely not easy. Plenty of good quality apartments have been rented out in the recent years by word of mouth, not even reaching the market. Being near the suburs of Milan, it’s paramount for your safety to have someone helping you out in choosing the right place for your needs and monthly budget.

We have been helping NABA students for more than 10 years in finding good quality apartments where to live during their college years, being them studio flats – for one student only – one bedroom flats - for couples, and bigger flats, with several independent bedrooms where you can stay together with your friends.

Naba Campus is located between the so called “Navigli Area”, the movida place of the city, and the area now known as “Bocconi Area” due to the presence of the biggest private University of Milan and of the country: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

The best solution for a NABA students is to live at 10-15 Mins max walking distance from the Campus, taking care not to end up in dangerous or not completely safe parts of the suburbs of the city. The flats we offer for rent are starting from a minimum floor space of 20sqm, to a maximum of 220 sqm. Lofts, that is residential places created in former industrial complexes, are another option that we usually have avalable for out clients, they are particularly appreciated by the most creative among them.

The rental contracts we use allow you to remain in your flat till the end of your University course, being it 3,4 o 5 years of duration. The contracts are called “4+4” and they are the only legally robust available in Italy.

Our job is not limited to finding you the right apartment, but we will always be available in case of any need during your stay in Milan, especially when some technical issues occur with the property calling for an expert supervision, being him a plumber, an electrician or someone just checking why the TV is not working properly.

Please feel free to contact us, sending an email to:

Bocconi Rent: specialized in renting apartments for students in Milan
Rent apartments for Naba students in Milan
Rent apartments for Naba students in Milan
Rent apartments for Naba students in Milan